MuslimSpeak began in July (Jumāda ath-Thānī) 2008 

MuslimSpeak began as an outlet to give information about Muslims and the way that we speak and interact with each other. Along with our distinct faith, we also have a distinct way in which we communicate, and it is this which is truly something interesting to look at and study. 

Just as a photo album full of different snapshots of Muslims from around the world is interesting from a visual perspective, the way we speak, talk to each other and interact is interesting from an observational perspective. We have many rich cultures which come together and add to our Muslim character to give us the wonderful ways which we communicate with each other. Take a step back and survey ourselves and have a chance at seeing exactly what MuslimSpeak really is in our own lives.

The purpose of MuslimSpeak is to supply an outflow of information for Muslims to acheive 2 purposes:

1 – To educate ourselves in fields of knowledge that I feel many of us are rarely exposed to, namely language studies, linguistics, cross-cultural studies, communications and similar topics to those fields.

2 – To supply those Muslims already fascinated with the above subjects a place to read and hear about them from the view of a Muslim.



  1. as salaamu alaykum brother/sister,

    Is it alright for me to ask you to add my wordpress site

    into your site and I will do likewise inshaAllah?


    Comment by Hasan — July 12, 2008 @ 7:30 pm | Reply

  2. Can I ask the same? We’ll swap links.

    I’ve already added a link to this site on my site,

    Comment by Observer — August 4, 2008 @ 1:52 am | Reply

  3. BarakAllahu feek akhi.

    Comment by Hasan — August 23, 2008 @ 9:17 am | Reply

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